Davide Capozzi

Davide-Capozzi-team-furberg-snowboardsA coffe and a first descent in the Mont Blanc Range is what Davide Capozzi has for breakfast. He is by many considered to be the world’s best steep riding snowboarder.

Davide is a snowboarding veteran who has been riding since the 80′s. In 2002 he went to Alaska and got totally hooked on steep lines and mountaineering. Since then he has climbed and ridden some of the gnarliest lines in the Mont Blanc range. Davide has an impressive list of descents, of which many are first descents.

With input from Davide Capozzi, we are able to develop boards that perform even better in steep terrain.

Born: Aosta Valley

Live: Courmayeur, Italy

Age: 41 years

Resorts: Courmayeur, Chamonix

Boards: Freeride/Freeride Split in 160 & 164

Website: www.snowhow.it

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