Women’s Freeride – Tackles everything from powder to ice


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The Women’s Freeride is developed to tackle any kind of snow and terrain you might find in the backcountry.

High-speed stability in combination with maneuverable and catch free properties has made the W’s Freeride one of the most talked about boards of the last years. Its long sidecut radius makes the board calm and forgiving, while rocker and reverse sidecut towards the tips make it float outstanding in powder and stay catch free in any situation.

The slight camber on the center section increases stability, pop and responsiveness.

We are convinced that the Women’s Freeride will be the most versatile and game changing freeride board you’ve ever ridden!

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Turning radius

In the skiing industry it is obvious that you need a longer turning radius on a freeride ski than on a slalom ski. In the snowboard industry Furberg Snowboards is the only brand that has realized this. Longer turning radius generates better stability at speed. But even more importantly it gives the snowboard a calmer and more forgiving behavior.


Our boards have a slight camber under foot to achieve better edge-hold and a more responsive behavior.

Transitions – Rocker and Reverse Sidecut

The transitions towards the tips are so long, smooth and gradual on our snowboards, you can’t tell where the nose and the tail starts. Since the pressure gets distributed over a larger section, the board is catch-free and easy to ride. Thanks to the long transitions, the board impacts irregularities in the snow with a low angle of incidence and slides over with little resistance. This gives a less bumpy and more forgiving ride.

Freeride Construction

Sidewalls – UHMW PE

The sidewalls are made of UHMW PE, Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene. These are highly resistant against abrasion and almost impossible to crack (in contrast to ABS sidewalls). On our solid boards we also have an inner sidewall of Bamboo. Thanks to this hard and stiff inner sidewall the edges can take harder impacts without getting damaged. The inner sidewall adds a little bit of weight, which is why we have chosen to not have it on our splitboards.

Edges – 2.1 x 2.0 mm Rockwell Hardness 48

The edges are considerably beefier than the industry standard, to be able to withstand harder impacts without cracking or deforming. The edges are fully wrapped around the board for maximum durability.

Core – Poplar and Paulownia

We have been optimizing the core’s mix of Poplar and Paulownia over several years to find the perfect balance between weight, strength and ability to hold flex and shape over time.

Base – CPS Sintered Electra 5920 Graphite

The base is 1.4 mm thick, which is 20 % thicker than industry standard. This means that you can hit rocks harder without getting core shots and you can stone grind the base more times. CPS Sintered Electra 5920 is one of the fastest bases available on the market. The thicker base does add a few grams on the weight, but more importantly it gives the board a much longer life.

Topsheet- Isosport Texture Polyamide

The Isosport Polyamide topsheet is one of the most durable topsheets on the market. The texture makes the topsheet very scratch resistant and less snow sticks to it. We also make all our topsheets in light colors to further avoid snow sticking to them. Dark colored topsheets get warmed up more by the sun and therefore more snow will freeze to them. This is a simple, yet effective way to save weight without compromising on durability and performance.

Composite – Triaxial Fiberglass

Triaxial fiberglass is used to get a good torsional stiffness of the board.

To read others opinion about the Freeride, visit the Furberg thread at splitboard.com

Spec. Women’s Freeride

Length (cm) 152 156
Nose Width (mm) 271 277
Waist Width (mm) 248 253
Tail Width (mm) 260 266
Turning Radius (m) 14 14
Stance Width (mm)  540  555
Setback (mm) 30 30
Shoe Size (cm) 23-26 23-26
Shoe Size W’s (US) 5,5-9 5,5-9
Rider Weight (kg) 45-60 50-70
Board Weight (g)  2600 2700
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