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New for this year, we’ve adapted the sidecut radius to work better in all conditions; still long enough for high speed freeriding, but slightly shorter than previous years to make the board more reactive. Also all rocker and reverse sidecut transitions have been tweaked for an even smoother ride.

The combination of high-speed stability, maneuverability and catch-free properties has made the Freeride Split one of the most talked about splitboards of the past few years. Its long sidecut radius makes the splitboard calm and forgiving, while the rocker and reverse sidecut in nose and tail makes it float remarkably well in powder and remain catch free in any situation.

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2017/18 Updates

Slightly shorter turning radius

This year we have made the turning radius slightly shorter than previous years to make our snowboards more responsive and playful on hardpack. But don’t worry, our boards still have approximately a 70 % longer turning radius than the average freeride board.

Low Camber

The best compromise between the flotation of full rocker, responsiveness and grip of camber.

Longer Rocker and Reverse Sidecut radiuses

Allows our snowboards to be even more catch free and maintain direction better when on edge than before.

Longer and higher nose

Increases flotation and makes the board slide over irregularities in the snowpack with less resistance. The very last par of the nose also has a slightly steeper angle to make touring with our splitboards easier.

Unisex sizes

Women’s snowboards are often diluted versions of their standard counterparts, made with less strong and cheaper materials.

Instead we make The Freeride and The Freeride Split in a size range between 150 and 170, all featuring the same materials. The smaller sizes are adapted to women and smaller guys. For example the 155 might be ridden by women looking for a big mountain snowboard or smaller guys who want a playful board to be used inbounds and in the backcountry.


Sidecut Radius

It is standard to use a longer turning radius on a freeride ski than on a slalom ski in the skiing industry; however, Furberg Snowboards is the only brand to adapt the turning radius for splitboards. A longer turning radius generates better stability at higher speeds and, more importantly, gives the boards a calmer and more forgiving behavior by distributing the edge pressure over the entire contact length.

Rocker and Reverse Sidecut

When a board is ridden flat on the snow, a long rocker transition will make the nose of the board impact irregularities with a low angle of incidence and slide over with little resistance. Many snowboard brands are aware of this, but only we have combined the rocker with a reverse sidecut in nose and tail to maintain this low angle of incidence when riding the board on edge.

The long transitions of the reverse sidecut make the board turn more effortlessly since the typical pressure points at the end of the effective edge do not exist. The overall result is a very catch-free and surfy board.




Core – Poplar

We are using 100% Poplar for the perfect balance between weight, strength and ability to hold flex and shape over time.

Base – Isosport 7500 Sintered

The base is 1.3 mm thick, which is thicker than industry standard. This means that you can hit rocks harder without getting core shots and you can stone grind the base more times. Isosport 7500 Sintered is one of the fastest bases available on the market. The thicker base does add a few grams on the weight, but more importantly it gives the board a much longer life.

Topsheet- Isosport Brushed Polyamide

The Isosport Polyamide topsheet is one of the most durable topsheets on the market. The texture makes the topsheet very scratch resistant and less snow sticks to it. We also make all our topsheets in light colors to further avoid snow sticking to them. Dark colored topsheets get warmed up more by the sun and therefore more snow will freeze to them. This is a simple, yet effective way to save weight without compromising on durability and performance.

Composite – Triaxial Fiberglass

Triaxial fiberglass is used to get a good torsional stiffness of the splitboard.




Length (cm) 150 155 160 165 170
Nose Width (mm) 273 280 287 295 303
Waist Width (mm) 246 253 260 267 274
Tail Width (mm) 261 268 275 283 291
Turning Radius (m) 11,6 12,2 12,8 13,4 14
Shoe Size (cm) 23-26 24-27 25-28 26-29 27-30
Rider Weight (kg) 45-60 50-70 60-90 70-100 75+
Board Weight (+/-3 %) (g) 2900 3000 3200 3400 3600


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